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            Horton’s Addition Real Estate Spotlight alonzo horton statue


            Our Horton’s Addition real estate spotlight features an area in San Diego built by the “Father of Modern San Diego”.


            Alonzo Horton – The Father of San Diego


            Before describing Horton’s Addition real estate know the history of this area’s founder.

            Alonzo Erastus Horton (October 24, 1813 – January 7, 1909) a nineteenth-century real estate developer known as the “Father of San Diego”.

            He came to San Diego from San Francisco in 1867 to investigate real estate investments in the fledgling town. He bought 800 acres at a public auction for 33 cents an acre ($265) and created a city.

            Horton developed San Diego’s maritime industry, commercial and civic enterprises and its tourist industry.

            The San Diego Union-Tribune points out that San Diego honors Horton in many ways:

            • Horton Plaza the former big shopping center;
            • A statue of Alonzo Horton standing at the corner of E Street and Third Avenue;
            • Horton Plaza Park, a half-block green space featuring a classic 1910 fountain;
            • Horton Avenue in Middletown; and
            • Horton Elementary School on Guymon Street.

            In 1909 at age 96, Horton passed away in San Diego’s Agnew Sanitarium and buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.


            Horton’s Addition Real Estate History


            The history of Horton’s Addition real estate begins with Horton’s arrival to San Diego from a San Francisco steamship on April 15, 1867. Instantly, after looking around the wharf (now Market Street and current Courthouse) area he decided to build a city.

            Within 12 days of his arrival, he paid for an election of his hand-picked trustees who won and met on April 30th to approve a public auction held on May 10th. Horton won the bid for 960 (some historians claim only 800) acres for $265.

            This land became known as “New Town” or “Horton’s Addition”. He then created the San Diego Chamber of Commerce to make future expansions to this developing city. He also advocated for the development of a city park now called Balboa Park.

            The years 1867 – 1873 known as “Horton’s Boom” beginning with Horton’s wharf in1868 beneath Fifth Street. He continued to develop Fifth and Sixth Streets.

            In the early 1870s, Horton continued the expansion of urban growth from Old Town to the “New Town” district near San Diego Bay.

            That six-year span now considered the first “San Diego boom years”.


            Horton’s Addition Real Estate Spotlight horton plaza


            Horton Plaza


            In 1982, construction began for the Horton Plaza named after Alonzo Horton. A five-level outdoor shopping mall displaying architectural tricks and bright colors with unique spatial rhythms. It took up 6.5 blocks near the Gaslamp Quarter.

            The Horton Plaza Mall remained a shopping icon in downtown San Diego until Nordstrom, its anchor store, closed in 2016. Then, in 2018 real estate developer Stockdale Capital Partners bought the mall.

            The new owners proposed to convert the mall into a $275 million technology innovation hub called “The Campus at Horton” including retail space and offices.

            On May 15, 2019, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported about the renovation of 900,000 square foot mall into a high tech mixed-use office/retail campus.

            On May 20, 2019, Fox 5 News reported that the San Diego City Council unanimously approved the renovation of Horton Plaza. The retail space of a minimum of 300,000 square feet will join 772,000 square feet of office space to attract high tech companies as tenants. Scheduled to open in late 2020.

            Fox 5 News also predicts the creation of 4,000 new jobs and the generation of more than $1.8 billion annually to the local economy.


            Horton’s Addition Real Estate Spotlight gaslamp district


            Gaslamp Quarter District


            Considered part of Horton’s Addition and located next to Horton Plaza.

            Gaslamp Quarter District a 16 blocks area offers tourists and convention visitors a Victorian architecture, historical entertainment district. Filled with many dining venues and places to dance and party.

            While locals don’t hang out here, it’s a good place to meet tourists and convention visitors. Also, to investment in businesses catering to this crowd.


            Gaslamp Museum


            Trip Advisor rates this 4 Stars (out of 5 Stars) from 69 reviews.

            The Gaslamp Museum situated inside the 1850s Davis-Horton House offers audio and self-guided tours. Educates visitors about the Gaslamp Quarter’s rich history.

            Walking tours of the historic Gaslamp District available on Thursdays at 1 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. Fridays at 5 p.m. offer “Ghosts of the Gaslamp Walking Tours”. Every month, “Paranormal Investigations” held in the Davis-Horton House.

            Reviews include:

            “Interesting small house showcasing San Diego’s past”.

            “The 90-minute walking tour of the Gaslamp District with lovely old Victorian buildings”.


            Horton’s Addition Real Estate Market 2019


            Redfin said this about Horton’s Addition:

            • Walker’s Paradise with a 97 (out of 100) ranking for walkability;
            • Very Bikeable with an 87 ranking for bicycles easy access; and
            • Excellent Transit with an 81 ranking for public transportation accessibility.

            Redfin sums up Horton’s Addition as a “walker’s paradise” where no car required for daily errands. Also, “convenient for bicycles for most trips”. In addition, “excellent transit” as public transportation convenient for most trips.

            Got Questions?

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            Best Restaurants in Horton’s Plaza District


            Zomato recommends these restaurants in the Horton’s Plaza district:

            Sushi Deli Too rated 4.2 (out of 5) from 86 reviews for their Japanese cuisine and sushi. View their menu.

            Dobson’s Bar & Restaurant rated 4 from 27 reviews for their American and French cuisine. View their menu.

            Panda Inn rated 4 from 36 reviews for good Chinese food.

            Thai Time rated 4 from 38 reviews for their Thai food. View their menu.

            St. Tropez Bakery & Bistro earned a 3.9 from 34 reviews for their French cuisine. View their menu.

            Marketplace Cafe got 3.9 from 23 reviews for their traditional American food. View their menu.

            Athens Market Taverna received 3.7 from 20 reviews for their Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. View their menu.

            Salvatore’s Cucina Italiana got 3.7 from 14 reviews for their Italian food. View their menu.


            Horton’s Addition Real Estate Spotlight Conclusion


            This Horton’s Addition real estate spotlight describes San Diego’s first boom and development as a modern city in the late 1860s.

            Alonzo Horton as the “Father of Modern San Diego” built a struggling town into a bustling city. You’ll see the name “Horton” all over San Diego landmarks in his honor.

            The Horton’s Addition provides a very walkable neighborhood with an easy bike and public transportation access to everything the residents need.

            The Gaslamp historical district attracts many tourists and convention visitors.

            The renovation of the large Horton Plaza Mall provides investment opportunities to the surrounding neighborhoods.

            Imagine when completed in late 2020. The creation of 4,000 new jobs and the generation of more than $1.8 billion annually to the local economy!

            That’s a real estate investment opportunity waiting for you. Both for housing the 4,000 employees and related commercial businesses.

            Contact Us to learn about the upcoming “High-Tech Campus at Horton” to investigate real estate investment opportunities.

            Steven Rich, MBA – Guest Blogger



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